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Welcome To Yukon Flying

This page is dedicated to the Northern pilot, but we hope it's relevant to everyone with an interest in aviation in the Yukon. Inside you will find a collection of resources for planning and undertaking a flight over the Yukon, but we also have information to sharpen your skills and to help you with aircraft maintenance. We have places to fly, good flying stories from Northern Pilots, and excellent photos and videos.

The page has recently been rebuilt so it is still a work in progress. If you have edits, corrections, recommendations, stories or Classified Adds please contact me. I appreciate your help.

Recent Flying Activity in the Yukon;

Private aviation in the Yukon slows down in the months from November to March. Without periods of colder than -20 C the ice isn't often thick enough for ski flying. Pre-heating, snow removal, cover folding, and everything else required is no fun in the dark, and cold, but the Density altitude makes up for the effort, and the scenery is SPECTACULAR!

(Left - A Video Our Scout on Floats on YouTube)

POLITICS - Is there a War on Recreational Aviation ?

There are growing pressures on aviation here in Yukon. New rules and restrictions are seldom logical or justified in reality. If you are interested in this situation, understanding the causes, or trying to restore common sense you can find our records, our analysis, and possible solutions here.

Thanks for helping!

Yukon Aviation - 'Roll of Honor'-

The Yukon has been dependent on aviation since very early on. Many communities and remote activities still rely on aviation. Many people have made a significant effort to supply flying services. We celebrate their efforts and simply thank them here.