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Here is a good photo from Janet Saunders;

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Flying Politics - Editorials & Issues

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Learn all about Flying on Skis in Yukon

Local Bush Pilot, Trapper, and Surgeon Dave Storey has written a remarkable story on flying on skis in the Yukon Bush. This story is comlete with an excellent collection of photographs.Click HERE to go to this page.

Interested in Yukon Flying History?

Check out Bob Camerons excellent new book; "Yukon Wings", it is the deffinitive work on flying up here from 1920 to 1970. It is full of rare and interesting photos, facts, and anecdotes too. Hopefully he will follow it with a work covering 1970 to now?

Make sure you check out the excellent story about flying helicopters in Northern Yukon in 1962 written by Kit Cain who brings alive the experience of mosquitos, engine failures, and isolation in the pioneering days of Northern aviation. Look at our "History" page for the links.

Yukon Transportation Museum Action;

Airplane SkisAirplaneCPY

Yukon Transportation Museum ..... well worth a visit = (l to r) Fairchild, Skis and Engines, Ryan Monoplane, DC3

I still recommend the SPOT beacon in any event. If you are using a SPOT Beacon check out how my alerting is set up at SPOT Beacon.pdf.

If you have news of importance, an issue to raise, advice, or an article of interest please send it along and we will include it.

Looking for COPA Flight # 106 ?


COPA FlIght # 106 is a group of low-key local aviators dedicated to COPA objectives. Check their web-page for meetings or events by Clicking HERE.


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