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Flying this summer

I am perplexed by the actions of the City of Whitehorse, and the Yukon Aviation and Marine Branch in regards to making rules and applying them on aviation. It has been agressive, and new restrictions seem unwarranted in any logical context. I was motivated to write a summary of my observations ( in .PDF) if you're interested, click "here". (And as always check out the Flying and Politics section at the bottom of the page.) Reviewing the airport condition I see a few new aircraft on the line this summer, but an equal number have dissappeared I fear. No net gain there. And the economy seems to have cut some of the commercial activity back too. The City of Whitehorse is trying to eliminate float planes on Schwatka lake through increased rules and fees, the implementation of a complex licensing regieme, and trying to force existing and long-time opperators to relocate.

My beautiful Scout is serving someone else, my "new" old Cub is getting a few hours and I am enjoying re-learning a few flying skills and experiences from past. It sure pays to change aircraft now and then to keep your skills sharp. The annual fly-in at Reynolds Ranch was a winner. The COPA FOR KIDS event in early June left about 70 young faces fixed in smiles, and some older ones too. These events do as much for community building as they do for serving aviation interests, that's cool! COPA had a flying breakfast in Carcross in September which sounded like a lot of fun.

John Lovelace 's organizationis bringing through another air-tour next June, planning has begun. Anyone interested in helping out contact me or the COPA flight. They estimate 150 aircraft will arrive here looking for tours, fuel, support and fun and we all know we can deliver that.

Check out changes in our "Classifieds" page. Send a list of your items and I will post it free.

I took the Cub and sought out a few remote places to land it, starting with the field at Rose Creek. This is a pretty good remote field to practice on, dont really need the Cub for this one;

Rose Rose Field; 60 18' 43" N 135 45' 34" W


Around the World

I took six months and travelled around the world with the family las year. I saw countries with almost no light general aviation (most of South East Asia), places with relatively lots (Australia), and some in between (South Africa and France).

While in Australia I stopped at a few museums and airstrips and saw the whole range of recreational aircraft, some builders, and lots of quality military restorations. The best I encountered was at the Southern Australian Aviation Museum in Adelaide. These guys have their act together. Their collection is extensive and their restoration shop was remarkable. Oh, and they are a great bunch of guys, very willing to take time out to show a foreign pilot around. ( Check them out at http://www.saam.org.au/ ).

South Africa was the most memorable, partly because Francois Duval let me fly his YAK-18 while we were visiting him in Howick. Years ago I got to fly a YAK 52 and they are obviouslly the same breed, tough, solid, and roomy. But, the 18 can take 4 people upside down, although we did it with only 2.

Francois YAK

Years ago South Africa was the target of complete economic and political sanctions, so technology was denied them. Politics aside, to their credit they became self-reliant and the assortment of light aircraft spread there today was a surprise to me. I didn’t realize they had built their own arms industry including nuclear weapons, conventional weapons, and aircraft like the “Denel Rooivalk” (google it if your into helicopters). In many ways South Africa is a pretty class act, their future will be tough but the strength of the people will see them through.

Finally, here is a good photo from Janet Saunders;

Skidoo External

Flying Politics - Editorials & Issues

I think we all feel the next few years will be pivotal in the future of private aviation in North America, including the Yukon. It is my goal to ensure my son can enjoy the adventure of personal flight when he gets older. It would be nice to think that there won't be so many needless rules that it will be impossible. It would be nice too, if the waste of public money (mine now, his soon) was minimized in the process. That is my goal. If you think you may agree , turn to this page have a look around, and maybe then put your politicians on notice of our simple expectations. Don't expect someone else to speak out on your behalf! Organizations by deffinition have many views, hence many competing issues and objectives. All types of voices are needed.

Learn all about Flying on Skis in Yukon

Local Bush Pilot, Trapper, and Surgeon Dave Storey has written a remarkable story on flying on skis in the Yukon Bush. This story is comlete with an excellent collection of photographs.Click HERE to go to this page.

Interested in Yukon Flying History?

Check out Bob Camerons excellent new book; "Yukon Wings", it is the deffinitive work on flying up here from 1920 to 1970. It is full of rare and interesting photos, facts, and anecdotes too. Hopefully he will follow it with a work covering 1970 to now?

Make sure you check out the excellent story about flying helicopters in Northern Yukon in 1962 written by Kit Cain who brings alive the experience of mosquitos, engine failures, and isolation in the pioneering days of Northern aviation. Look at our "History" page for the links.

Yukon Transportation Museum Action;

Airplane SkisAirplaneCPY

Yukon Transportation Museum ..... well worth a visit = (l to r) Fairchild, Skis and Engines, Ryan Monoplane, DC3

I still recommend the SPOT beacon in any event. If you are using a SPOT Beacon check out how my alerting is set up at SPOT Beacon.pdf.

If you have news of importance, an issue to raise, advice, or an article of interest please send it along and we will include it.

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COPA FlIght # 106 is a group of low-key local aviators dedicated to COPA objectives. Check their web-page for meetings or events by Clicking HERE.


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